Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Konami Answers For PES 2013 Online Issue

Thank you very much for contacting the Konami Support Team.

When searching for an opponent, the game will try to find a player that can easily connect to you. This is to ensure the fastest and most lag free game for you and your opponent. This often means that players in your country will be picked first. The October patch will bring some changes in that will give the opponent search a wider range and should help you find one quicker.

Please note that the stability of your Internet Connection will also affect the opponent search process.

Best regards,


Your Konami Support Team

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
Berner Str. 103-105
60437 Frankfurt am Main

Local Court of Frankfurt am Main: HRB Nr. 24990
Managing Director: Shinji Hirano, Fumiaki Tanaka

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