Wednesday, 10 October 2012

PES 2013 Create Port

This is certainly not KONAMI issue. Lots of video game need certain port to be opened or trigger. If you still can't access, most likely you not doing it right.

You have to set a Static IP address first:

After that, access your router. It's usually, but it depend on your router. To find your router IP address, read this guide:

Click on your router brand, and it's model number. For example, my router is TP-Link W8960N. So i click TP-Link first (brand), then W8960N (model).

As for now, there's no Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 port forwarding guide yet, so you only have the "PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012" and "Pro Evolution Soccer 2011" on that game list. Click either one of these, doesn't matter because what's important you want to use these as a template and guide.

You're on PC, so this is the values that you need to enter in the blank box:

PC ports that need to be open:

TCP: 44, 4000-4200
UDP: 3658, 5730-5739

You're not done yet, another thing you must not forget is allow your firewall to access Incoming and Outgoing of these Ports. It depend on your firewall program, Internet Security suite, or Anti-Virus. The easiest way but slightly nuisance is by disabling your firewall each time you want to play PES 2013. But i do not recommend you to disable it for all the time, because your PC might be in risk when you're browsing online.

You can check whether you've done thing correctly or not by downloading this tool:

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