Thursday, 25 October 2012

PES 2013 MLO Compensation

 MLO Compensation

We would like to inform you that customers fitting the below conditions will receive compensation in the form of MLO team funds.

1) Customers who were unable to play Master League Online between 13:30 on 11/10/2012 to 05:30 on 12/10/2012 (UTC).
2) Customers who were unable to take part in the Master League Online competition held between 10:12 - 15:00 on 17/10/2012 (UTC) owing to its sudden cancellation.

These customers will be compensated appropriately during irregular maintenance between 04:00-07:00(UTC) on 25/10/2012 and a personal message will be sent to each individual customer.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Network Maintenance will be held during the below times 04:00 - 07:00   26/10/2012(UTC).

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