Thursday, 13 December 2012

Learn all about the Patch 1.03 and the importance of our fans' feedback

The release of the Patch 1.03 is just around the corner and the 20th of December will bring joy in the heart of many of our fans with important changes in the 2v2 mode, and several other fixes.
To celebrate that, Jon Murphy, Pro Evolution Soccer Guru, has kindly accepted to answer some of your questions about the game and the changes to come, while thanking all the players for their support and feedback.

1) The Patch 1.03 will be released on the 20th of December. What can you tell us more about it?
The key advance, is a full extension of the 2v2 mode, which was highest on the fans’ wish list. Although it was there before, it wasn’t really what the fans expected so Konami have used this new update to make some key changes. The overall balance of the game has also been addressed, and Konami have also taken the opportunity to make a few aesthetic improvements here and there, with the movement of players now enhanced and a number of new goal celebrations added. Konami have also rectified a couple of small issues with MLO and some of the Online Modes in line with requests from the fan base.
2) The 2v2 is obviously the biggest fix of the 1.03 patch. Can you explain us a bit more about this change?
Let’s face it, PES 2013 is a stunning multi-player experience, and konami are extremely pleased with how the FCS team has responded to the demands of the fan base. While there was an acceptable 2v2 mode in the game, the team has worked to improve core elements to make it even more intuitive and to make it closer to the single-player experience, with better player switching.
3) The Black Boots and Auto-save features have been also fixed in the previous patch, thanks to our fans' feedback. How important do you consider our customer's opinions?
They are vital. It is because of fan support that konami have made such huge steps with the PES series in recent years. When konami do something right, they tell us. If konami get it wrong, they offer support and suggestions – and konami would be mad to ignore them.
Konami have an enviable number of avenues where konami can receive fan feedback, and konami thank them for their dedication and enthusiasm. Their support is vital to the evolution of the series. It may take time to address everything, konami are constantly trying!

4) Could you tell us about what is coming in the future?
Having addressed the key 2v2 issue that was top of the fans’ list, konami still have a number of elements that konami, and they, feel need attention. Konami will let you know more very soon…
5) Are you using the app myPES 2013 and what do you think about it?
I’m split between Japan and the UK a lot, so my game hours are horribly limited right nw. I have used it a couple of times, and think that it is one of the more under-rated parts of the game: it’s a simple way to get mates together for games, and extremely user-friendly. Konami are seeing a lot of growth in its use, too, and also have some superb advances in mind as konami constantly look to enhance its use.
6) Just for our fans, can you tell us what is your favourite team and favourite mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013?
I’m a Chelsea fan, so can often be seen handing out hammerings in the guise of London FC. And I’m a huge fan of playing 2v2 in the office – working as a team to break down an opponent really brings out your competitive streak.

Now that you know what is coming up, get your friends ready because the 2v2 mode, as you knew it, is back next week. And like Jon Murphy said, your feedback are extremely important to us so keep commenting about Pro Evolution Soccer on our Facebook page so konami can offer you the best football game!

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